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Youth Spotlight

Meet Cody. Cody moved into the YST Transitional Living Program

(TLP) in 2017. He hit the ground running from day one to pursue his

goal of becoming self-sufficient while facing the fears that accompany

the transition to adulthood.

Cody is determined to be the best version of himself. One of his goals

is to become a mentor for youth, something he wishes he had when

growing up. While participating in TLP, he started pursuing his early

childhood degree at TCC and working at Educare.

Fast forward to 2020 and you’ll find him living on his own in a beautifully

decorated house, nurturing his succulent garden, and caring for his pets

while maintaining full-time employment at Educare. Recently, Cody

joined our Youth Advisory Board at YST where he uses his youth voice

and life experiences to help ensure YST services are the best they can be.

Cody continues to strive for new goals and ways to impact our

community every day.

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