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Masking our Youth

School doors are reopening in many cities across the state. If your child is among those returning to in-school sessions, help slow the spread of coronavirus by sending them with a mask.

According to Governor Kevin Stitt, after the reopening of the state in late April, nearly half of all coronavirus cases diagnosed have been people under the age of 35. As some youth begin to return to in-school learning, we may see a higher percentage of adolescents contracting COVID-19 in the upcoming weeks. In order to combat the potential rise in cases among young adults, we recommend parents taking a few actions to promote good mask use with their children:

  • Different day, different mask - When purchasing masks you should buy one for each school day to ensure a clean mask is readily available.

  • Fit the mask to the youth - Youth respond positively to clothing that fits their style. With new mask designs becoming available (such as shape, color, pattern, branding), tailor the mask to your child's style. Be sure to purchase the proper size.

  • Add an Accessory - By using an accessory like a lanyard, masks become more convenient to use and less of a bother. Lanyards are also a great mask accessory for youth in sports. Once attached, lanyards allow youth to keep their mask around their neck during practice and provides a quick way to mask up while on the sidelines or during team chats. 

  • Become an example - While outside of the home, practice good mask use in front of your children.

For more youth recommended mask practices, visit the WHO website.

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