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Helping Your Student Learn Remotely

Let's face it, distance learning wasn't something most parents were prepared for. It's hard enough waking your young one up in the mornings, let alone getting them to sit down behind a computer all day. According to our counseling experts, these are the top three ways to keep your student focused:

Set a Routine

"If your children are distance learning, work on setting a schedule" says YST Counselor Shana Tilman. "Have your children treat school time as if they were there in person, including their bedtime." To maintain consistency in your young ones day-to-day, begin setting their schedule as soon as possible.

Provide a Comfortable Workspace

Probably one of the most important aspects of distance learning is keeping your children comfortable while studying. Determine if your family's usual homework spot is adequate for long term use and is distraction free. Lastly, get your child involved by taking them shopping for school accessories. "Go school shopping and have your child pick out a few items to help create a fun environment and encourage them to study," says Shana T.

Plan Daily Goals

Have them start their school day by reviewing homework deadlines and planning out how they should use their time for the day. Make sure to set realistic goals so they do not get discouraged. At the end of each day review their work with them and ask how tomorrow could go better.

Hopefully your child is now focused and ready to learn! It's important to remember that distance learning is new to your child and may take some time to adjust.

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