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Youth Services of Tulsa

Rapid Re-Housing

Providing short-term rental assistance and services. Helping  people obtain housing quickly, increase self-sufficiency, and stay housed.

Benefits for Property Management


• Consistent Revenue

Secure timely rent payments with facilitation from YST when placing a Rapid Re-Housing tenant at your property. 

• Reduced Vacancies

Assist in minimizing the ever-growing demand of young adults in need of housing. We are always on the lookout for housing partnerships!

• Tenant Retention

92% of clients successfully take over rent payments and maintain stable housing after completing our Rapid Re-Housing Program. 

By joining forces with YST, property managers can help create stronger and more resilient communities, while also enjoying the benefits of stable and responsible tenancies.

Our Rapid Re-Housing Program 

• Intensive Case Management 

Our case managers help young adults take control of their environment by showing them basic skills such as

budgeting their money and maintaining a clean home.

• Life Skills Development

YST facilitates additional group meetings with topics on how to be a good tenant and prepare to live independently.

• Employment and Education Specialists

Specialists work tirelessly to help young adults advance their education, while assisting with job placement to assure financial stability.

• Dedicated Housing Support

Our staff connect tenants with property managers to help facilitate conversations and foster a mutually beneficial relationship.

Rapid Re-Housing connects property managers to tenants through assistance that includes short-term rental assistance paired with supportive services. 

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Partnering with YST is a smart move for property managers. It provides consistent rent, reduces vacancy rates, and improves tenant retention to clients who are given a wealth of support by dedicated case workers.

If you would like to learn more, or discuss partnership opportunities, 
please contact Rebecca Stokes: r or 918-382-4469

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