300 sites in the Tulsa area provide a Safe Place in nearly every neighborhood for youth to seek intervention in times of crisis. Trained volunteers transport youth to our shelter, where staff work with the youth and parents to identify the best step forward.  • Look for the Safe Place sign at QuikTrip stores, fire stations, Tulsa Transit buses, EMSA ambulances and Tulsa City-County Libraries. • Text “SAFE” and your location (address/city/state) to 69866.   Safe Place Coordinator:  Hanna Tacha  htacha@yst.org  918.382.4479
 Homeless teens ages 17-24 learn critical life skills while receiving services that help them transition into independence. Youth facing mental health challenges may also receive community-based services through the Oklahoma Healthy Transitions Initiative.  TRANSITIONS PROGRAM APPLICATION: CLICK HERE!    Transitions Coordinator:  Sarah Jabr  sjabr@yst.org  918.382.4465
 INDIVIDUAL, FAMILY, HOME-BASED AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE COUNSELING   Licensed professionals help youth and their families navigate the rocky terrain of adolescence by improving communication skills and developing short-term solutions. Fees are determined on an income-based sliding scale. No one is ever turned away for inability to pay.   Individual and Family Counseling Coordinator :  Shana Tilman  stilman @yst.org     918.382.4485   Home Based Counseling Coordinator : Jennifer Patchett      jpatchett@yst.org     918.382.4430   Substance Abuse Counseling Coordinator : Eric Rolen     erolen@yst.org     918.382.4488  Emails and Phone Messages will be answered during normal business hours. If this is a crisis, please call 918-582-0061. If this is an emergency, call 911.   
 Juvenile offenders learn to make better choices while recognizing the consequences of their actions. Skill building, family counseling and referrals to Youth Court help divert youth from further involvement with law enforcement.   First Offender Program Coordinator :  Julie Stilwell     jstilwell@yst.org     918.382.4477
 An innovative partnership with the juvenile justice system allows juvenile offenders to be tried in court by their peers, which leads to reduced recidivism. Sentencing often includes restitution and community service.  Youth give back to their community while learning about careers in law. Volunteer attorneys train youth to serve as officers in trials for peers charged with minor offenses.    For more information about being a Youth Court Volunteer Click Here!      First Offender Program Coordinator :  Julie Stilwell     jstilwell@yst.org     918.382.4477   Youth Court is made possible by a grant from the Oklahoma Bar Foundation.       
 Partnering with the Office of Juvenile Affairs, we help juvenile offenders smoothly reintegrate into their homes, schools and communities. Services begin before the youth is released and include support and skills development for the youth’s parents or guardians through our Intensive Family Services counseling program.   Re-Entry Program Coordinator :  Amy Olsen     aolsen@yst.org    918.382.4402
 Our health programs connect youth to health care, preventative care and health education. HEP encourages adolescents to take responsibility for their health and their future.   Health Education and Prevention Coordinator :  Kurt Sterling     ksterling@yst.org     918.382.4468
 PregNot is a proven curriculum delivered in small group settings throughout the community. PregNot empowers youth to avoid high-risk behaviors, prevent pregnancy and STDs and focus on achieving positive life goals.   Pregnot Coordinator : Nakesha Martin  nmartin@yst.org 918.382.4425
 Youth questioning their sexual identity receive support and education while building confidence and leadership skills. Students partner with schools, teachers and parents to build Gay Straight Alliances  to create a culture of acceptance and reduce bullying.    GSA/LGBTQ Program Coordinator:  Michael Raye    m  raye@yst.org     918.382.4429
 Youth ages 12-18 have a place to hang out, express themselves and enjoy live music, wifi and free hot beverages courtesy of QuikTrip. Coffee House is open every Saturday night from 7-11 and admission is always free.    GSA/LGBTQ Program Coordinator:  Michael Raye     mraye@yst.org    918.382.4429
 T-Town Tacos is a social enterprise of Youth Services.  In partnership with the Eastern Oklahoma Food Bank, T-Town brings you fresh delicious breakfast tacos to a downtown location near you.  Need breakfast for your office?  Catering orders also available!  Check out  www.t-towntacos.com  for more information, menu and location  T-Town Tacos is possible through a Innovation Grant from the Tulsa Area United Way   Social Enterprise Specialist : Wes Rose       wrose@yst.org     918.260.0800
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