Modus envisions a community in which the barrier of transportation is removed and all teens can access the services they need so they can reach their full potential.

Modus is a wraparound transportation solution for teens that is being temporarily housed at Youth Services of Tulsa. It enables teens to get to their social service appointments, but also ensures they know how to use the city’s transit system. Modus does this with two sub-brands that complement one another: ModusSelect and Modus Ed.

ModusSelect is a volunteer-based transportation service that ensures teens get to their appointments consistently, on-time and safely. ModusSelect provides personalized transportation for teens to access social services by utilizing trained volunteers in their own vehicles to drive clients to appointments anywhere in Tulsa. The service is for teens who are accessing appointment-based social services, such as doctors, dentists, counseling/therapy, school enrollment and job training.

ModusEd is an in-school travel-training program that ensures teens have the knowledge they need to use transit to get to school, part-time jobs and higher education opportunities. It uses a customized 20-minute training which includes a Transit Passport, a 7-day pass and hands-on in-class experience with a transit expert. ModusEd enables teens to access the entire city on their terms, by redefining independence through mobility.


The Problem:

·         6,000 teenagers or 15% of teens participating in some sort of social service in the Tulsa area currently cannot access social services due to the lack of adequate transportation options. This leads to decreased physical and mental health, educational outcomes, and employment rates among youth.

·         Youth-serving agencies in Tulsa are experiencing (on average) a 15% no-show rate for all appointments. 85% of “no-shows” are caused by a lack of transportation.

·         Tulsa Transit has limited service and is severely underutilized, with the youth comprising only 2% of annual ridership.

·         Approximately 75% of youth-serving agencies provide some form of client transportation assistance, spending an average of $100,000 annually on transportation.


If you are a Youth-Serving agency looking to learn how Modus can save your organization time and money, contact Leslie Neal at