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What is Youth Court?

Youth Court, a program of Youth Services, provides an opportunity for 9th-12th graders to serve as members of a court giving first-time juvenile offenders an opportunity for a hearing conducted by their peers. Students perform courtroom roles including judge, prosecuting attorney, defense attorney, clerk and bailiff.

Youth Court is a collaborative effort among Youth Services, Owasso Municipal Courts and the members of the Tulsa County Bar Association. Youth Court is offered in Tulsa, Broken Arrow and Owasso.

Who can volunteer for Youth Court?

Any Tulsa-area, Broken Arrow or Owasso high school youth - grades 9th - 12th.

What are the requirements for volunteers?

All volunteers must:
1. Complete an application
2. Attend training
3. Pass a “mini-bar” exam covering the training 
4. Commit to serving on the court    
  *Training is provided by Oklahoma Bar Association Attorneys.

Types of Cases?

Typical cases include shoplifting, criminal mischief, vandalism, and other low level misdemeanor offenses.  Offender will have been charged with an offense and may be referred to Youth Court by the Juvenile Bureau District Court, Broken Arrow or Owasso Muncipal Court. 

What happens to the defendant at the youth court hearing?
A guilty plea or verdict may result in one of a combination of the following sentences:

  • Community service
  • Restitution
  • Apology letter and/or verbal apology to the injured party
  • Recommendation for drug/alcohol screening
  • Recommendation of a curfew
  • Referral for counseling

Interested in being a volunteer? Download a Youth Court Volunteer Application!

To volunteer or get more information on Youth Court:
Contact Julie Stilwell, 918.382.4477 or click here.


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