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Wish List

Our wish list provides essentials for the youth we serve. Please keep in mind our clients are teenagers; current fashions are important to them.

New or gently used items are greatly appreciated!  Thank you!

(The TLP is entirely out of the highlighted items. Any help is very appreciated!)

Wish List for Transitional Living and Street Outreach

Non-perishable food   Backpacks 
  Barrets and rubber bands
Hand sanitizer (travel size)
  Boots   Tennis shoes
Insect repellent   Foot powder   Flavor Packets for Water
Combs and picks   Brushes (nylon or plastic)   Boxer shorts
Deodorant (travel size)   Mouthwash (travel size)   Women's underwear
Socks (ankle & crew)   Body wash (travel size)
  2XL and larger clothing
Toothpaste (travel size)   Tooth brushes   Tents (2-man & 4-man)
Sleeping bags (regular and extra-long)
 *Clothing and shoes should be adult sizes (men's and ladies')
Kitchen Bedroom Living Room
Pots, pans & skillets  Mattress sets (no king) Couches (no hide-a-beds)
Sets of dishes (sets of 4) Mattress frames (no king) Chairs
Sets of silverware (sets of 4) Comforters/quilts (no king) Loveseats
Cups / glasses (sets of 4) Sheet sets (no king) Coffee tables
Kitchen table & chairs Blankets (no king) TV stands
Cooking utensils Pillows (new) DVD players
Trash cans Nightstands Lamps with shades
Trash bags Dressers End tables
Food storage containers Area rugs
Ziploc bags (gallon size) Miscellaneous
Sponges Bathroom Light bulbs
Aluminum foil Towels & washcloths Tool kits
Dish soap Toilet paper
Dish drying racks Toilet brush & cleaner
Alarm clocks
Dish towels Floor mats / rugs
Measuring cups & spoons Bathroom trash cans
Vacuum cleaners
Mixing bowls Bathroom trash bags
Movies - DVDs
Microwaves Shower curtains and rings
Cookie sheets Hair dryers

Can openers Hand soap
Shampoo and conditioner:
Bug spray (e.g. OFF!)
Cleaning       -(bulk and travel size) Hand sanitizer (travel)
Broom & dust pans
Deodorant (travel size)
Nail clippers (fingers & toes)
Mops / buckets
Non-perishable food
Laundry soap & softener

Laundry basket
Oil moisturizer (ethnic hair)
Clothing and Shoes*
Dryer sheets
Shaving razors
Paper towels
Body wash
Boxer shorts
All-purpose cleaners
Athlete's foot spray
Women's underwear
Deodorizing spray
Tampons and pads
Hand lotion Tennis shoes
    Combs, picks & brushes   Khakis 
    Barrettes & rubber bands   White polo-type shirts
First Aid         
Band-Aids (asst. sizes)   Gauze rolls   Cotton balls 
Neosporin   Hydrogen peroxide    Calamine lotion 
DayQuil (non-drowsy tabs)    Benadryl (non-drowsy tabs)   Ibuprofen (tabs) 
Milk of Magnesia   Pepto-Bismol   Cough drops
Chapstick / lip balm        
*Clothing and shoes should be adult sizes (men's and ladies')



Please bring donated items to 311 S Madison Ave.
We're located on 3rd Street, two blocks west of Peoria. Click here for directions.

Donations accepted Mon-Thu 8:30am-6:00pm and Fri 8:30am-4:00 pm.

For more information about donations call Brian Young at 918.382.4457 or click here.

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