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What’s disability got to do with it? 

Join us for an introductory/intermediate level training on disability justice and anti-ableist organizing for the people engaged in anti-oppression/social justice work in our community.

Why does this matter? Plenty of disabled/chronically ill folks are an integral part of the social justice community, history, resistance, and culture. Yet all too often, we exist only at the margins and in the cracks of even the progressive community.

“What’s disability got to do with it?” is an amazing opportunity to build our community’s capacity horizontally, to turn our attention inwards, and address what we need to expand our anti-supremacy practices. Getting a handle on our anti-ableism automatically deepens our anti-racism, economic, gender, reproductive, and immigration justice work, to name but a few. Truth is, we can’t effectively fight homo/transphobia, sexism, racism, or be in solidarity with immigration, Sovereignty, or other liberation struggles without a working understanding of Ableism. Not exactly sure how this is true? Come find out! Join this strength-based and interactive workshop and become part of a growing movement of progressive communities and leaders working to deliberately integrate a disability justice practice into the core of their work, inviting us to move beyond equality and toward justice.

Delivered at many state and national conferences and provided for a range of LGBTQ grassroots, people of color led, and multi-racial organizations, including:
The Audre Lorde Project, SONG, Sylvia Rivera Law Project, TJI Justice, FIERCE, Queers for Economic Justice, Solace, National LGBTQ Task Force, Civil Liberties Public Policy, and many others.

About the presenter

Sebastian Margaret, a longtime community educator and a disabled, Trans*, queer immigrant, is a skilled facilitator, experienced consultant, strategic planner, and multi-issue capacity builder. Kept deliciously exhausted parenting a pair of gorgeous kids, they are passionate about the validity and glory of imperfect body/minds.  He is a co-founder and co-coordinator of the Disability Justice Collective, a national seed collective centering leadership of disabled, people of color, Trans*, and poverty class folks that strives to break isolation and end the marginalization of disabled people and our communities.  Sebastian is particularly invested in collaborating with service provision, educational settings, community work and grassroots organizing whose missions and programs are driven by the voices, and lived experiences of those living at the margins, and in cracks of our communities.

A 2014 community panel participant for the Trans Justice Funding Project  Sebastian is also honored to be a current member of NCAVP’s movement building committee; a national effort that works to amplify, uplift and resource LGBTQI community-led responses to all forms of violence.

Youth Services is working to bring Sebastian to Tulsa June 16th to facilitate a four-hour workshop for local organizers, advocates, and community workers. Participation will be limited to 40 people.

We are asking organizations to contribute $25 per participant for the workshop. Funds raised will be used to pay Sebastian’s travel expenses and an honorarium. While in Tulsa, Sebastian will also provide a training for local youth organizers.

If you work with youth you believe may be interested in joining the training, please have them contact Vic Wiener, GSA Coordinator at Youth Services of Tulsa at 918-261-3835. The youth training will be free and will also be limited to the first 40 participants.

Our Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer and Questioning (LGBTQ) and Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) program makes schools safer for youth regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

In local middle schools and high schools, we're working with students and faculty to foster a culture of acceptance and reduce bullying for LGBTQ students, their allies and all other youth.

Services Offered:

  • Gay Straight Alliance support
  • Out Together: weekly group for LGBTQ and ally middle school and high school students
  • Rainbow Corps: weekly group for LGBTQ 18-24 year olds
  • Youth Leadership Retreats
  • Education and Professional Development

To participate or for more information, please contact Vic Wiener, GSA Coordinator, at 918.382.4429 or click here.

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